Waiting for a Lifeline(:

Lets put it in to words, shall we?
I'm 19 and this is my escape <3

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That’s what really scares me.

Falling in love is easy. Having sex is easier. But bumping into someone that can spark your soul - that shit is rare.

You could fuck four, five, all the people in a god damned room and you’d only feel a connection with one. Or none at all.

And what sucks is despite the undeniable real magnetic pull between the two of you, more often than not, you don’t end up together.

I’m afraid I won’t meet anyone else I can connect with.

I’m scared it’ll be just you.

—   Sade Andria Zabala (surfandwrite) | Connection  (via 09994)

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“Are you scared? Or are you not ready? There is a difference.”



“When I first met you, I felt a kind of contradiction in you. You’re seeking something, but at the same time, you are running away for all you’re worth.”

—   Haruki Murakami (via perfect)

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